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Naina Power offers a variety of Product Development Services (PDS) suitable for any company throughout their product development process. We are able to develop a subsystem or complete a product from concept until it is ready for manufacturing. In every scenario, working with Naina Power engineering design services allows you to focus on your core business: from developing specialty components to complete systems.
Naina Power highly experienced engineering design services team can step into projects at any stage. During product definition, we can research technology options, develop product requirements, define system architecture, and construct a development plan that will reduce technology risks and accelerate time to market. Our engineering design services include:


Turnkey Product Development Service leverages all of our resources and partners to produce a complete solution. From initial concept through design and development to release to manufacturing, Naina Power can manage every aspect of the turnkey product development cycle. Furthermore, Naina Power can adopt the customer’s development process and guidelines so that integration with other internal customer efforts run seamlessly.
Naina Power continuously grows by partnering with industry leading technology companies. These partnerships allow Naina Power to access the latest technology solutions and integrate them into your turnkey product development needs.
Why use Naina Power for your turnkey product development needs? There are a variety of reasons why companies choose Naina Power for their turnkey product development. Below are just a few:
Companies want to stay focused on development of their proprietary component or software and decide to use Naina Power as their partner to develop the support hardware and software systems.
Companies prefer not to sustain a full engineering staff after a product is initially developed and decide to keep only a key group of system architects and designers on board. In these cases, companies will partner with Naina Power for partial engineering staffing needs instead of hiring full-time employees.
Companies are interested in only providing professional services to a particular market segment and decide to have Naina Power develop a custom solution that gives them a competitive advantage.
Companies are presented with a sizeable opportunity that was not anticipated or forecasted, do not have the bandwidth to accomodate it, and yet do not want to pass up on it either. In these cases the companies will decide to use Naina Power to address the opportunity and gain from the additional revenue that was not anticipated.
In every scenario, our customers view Naina Power as a valuable partner that allows them to stay focused and grow their business.
Examples of turnkey product development solutions include:



Naina Power provides full turnkey software development services. Our software engineers have extensive experience with various types of software development. Whether you need an embedded system, a device driver, or a full Web application Naina Power can help.



As the population of the world steadily rises, the world’s energy resources are depleting at an alarming rate. The need for green design and green products will be the focus of many companies and countries. Naina Power engineers are experienced in designing and developing green products for many clients and prides itself in the part it plays in going green.
Naina Power uses a variety of hardware and software techniques to achieve the green goals of its clients. Some of our skills are listed below:

Sample list of skills:

Recent Developments:

Green Case Studies
Mass Transportation GPS System: Naina Power is developing a hardware and software solution to allow a bus system serve its customers by tracking the location of all its busses in real-time and scheduling them in an efficient manner to conserve fuel.
Automated Meter Reader: Naina Power designed and developed an automated electric meter reader for Smart Grid application that transmits readings using Broadband over Power Line techniques and will allow utiltiy companies to monitor and reduce power consumption at the consumer side during peak hours.



Naina Power understands the critical need for marketing and business development expertise to insure the success of any new product development and deployment. ’s professional marketing consultants have a comprehensive set of skills and experience that enable them to manage and support a broad set of programs and operate at any level from Executive Leadership to Naina Power Manager.
Our consulting experience includes

Naina Power consultants posses the real world experience and breadth and depth of knowledge required to bring your product or service solution to market. Our market services are designed for each client’s unique needs. We can help you unlock new markets and revitalize existing ones using proven approaches that increase the return on your marketing investment and build the value of your business.


Naina Power project management services are backed by extensive experience with successful product developments of all sizes and complexities. Our experienced project managers can supplement your design and development teams, leveraging our substantial knowledge base in a wide variety of industries to manage your development project to meet schedule, cost and quality objectives.
Naina Power project managers bring years of experience to managing hardware and software product developments. Our expertise enables us to manage your full project life cycle from project planning through execution and first customer delivery, or to step in and help an existing troubled project get back on track.

Naina Power project managers apply best practices based on industry standard project management and product development methodologies. Working with your development team, Naina Power project managers can direct the specification of project requirements and deliverables, develop communications plans for project status, manage risk and contingency plans, and coordinate efforts with contract manufacturers and off-shore contractors.

Let Naina Power project managers utilize their understanding of the subtleties and interdependencies of product development to streamline your project’s performance.


Naina Power provides full turnkey system development services. We are experienced and maintain a full staff to work on: Full Program Management, Architecture development, Specs and Requirements development, Prototype and Solution modeling, testing, delivery, installation, documentation, and training.
Naina Power engineers integrate hardware (e.g. ATCA, AMC, CPCI, PMC, PXI, VME, VXI) or proprietary hardware and custom application specific software to fit your requirements. If an existing system contains obsolete modules, Naina Power can identify suitable alternatives and manage the integration. Naina Power also has the capability to develop custom hardware or software should the application require it. A list of some of our experience is below:



Naina Power provides EMI services at all stages of product development, whether at architecture definition or assisting with products that have failed to comply with the required standards. Generally, the most cost effective and expeditious approach is to address EMI objectives as early in the development process as possible, where EMI control strategies can be implemented with minimal impact to schedule and cost. Over the years, Naina Power team has developed multiple high-speed digital, as well as low noise RF analog designs adhering to various compliance standards.
Naina Power can guide the EMI design process at each stage of development and manage the product through the compliance process with the appropriate compliance labs.

EMI/EMC architecture and planning
Design guidance to minimize shielding
Signal management
FCC / CE / NEBS failure analysis
Minimize redesign to pass certification


Naina Power full-time technicians specialize in the areas listed below and engage in short term projects ranging from a few hours or few weeks to long term projects lasting months.
Prototyping, Initial Board Debug, and Rework
Reverse Engineering
Software Testing
Test Systems and Execution
Configuration Database Management
To support the various services we provide, we also have on site extensive lab resources such as shielded chamber, temperature chamber, workstations, and a model shop.

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